Hard On! 75: The Lost 20

In this episode it’s a full house in the sweat lodge that is the echo-chamber of Studio A. Listen as Shawn, Adam, Jay, and Chris discuss embarrassing moments, Ghostbusters, horror movies, and more! We also have the Craig’s List Ad of the Week and a new round of The Fuck You Say!?

Hard On! 71: #sorrynotsorry

In this episode the guys discuss the tragedy at Cincinnati Zoo and set out to solve all of the world’s problems. There’s also another round of The Fuck You Say and the Craigslist Ad of The Week. Stick around! There’s more Hard On! action at the very end of this episode!

P.S. He doesn’t apologize

Hard On! 70: Octopuses

In this episode Adam takes the wheel and leads Shawn and Jay through a series of questions to learn more about each other. We also have a Craigslist Ad of the Week and argue the plural form of the word octopus. If you’re smart you’ve already figured out the correct answer.