Hard On! 84: Skeleton Key

In this episode the guys talk about fictional characters that best describe them and finish off the list of 100 skills every man should know from The Art of Manliness. They also play a round of The Fuck You Say?! and have The Craig’s List Ad of the Week!

Hard On! 82: Pre-Push

In this episode Shawn and Jay preview our 100th episode celebration, test their manliness, talk about a strip club visit that never happened, and do you remember that Michael Richards thing from ten years ago? The guys do… kind of. We also have the Craigslist Ad of the Week!

Hard On! 81: Adam’s Song

In this episode Adam takes the wheel and Shawn and Jay go for the ride. The guys discuss the passing of Gene Wilder, movie sequels, and Jay shows off his sevant like ability to name and entire movie soundtrack. They also discuss the Colin Kaepernick controversy, play The Fuck You Say?!, and there’s another Craig’s List Ad of the Week.