Hard On! 100: Happy Hard On Holiday

We’re very excited to have reached this milestone! Thank you so much to everyone who has continued to listen to us over the last four years! Yeah, four freakin’ years!

In this episode the guys open a Christmas Present, hear from the ghosts of Hard On past and play a festive round of The Fuck You Say?! We also have a holiday themed Craigslist Ad of the Week and Clown News! Happy Hard Hundred! Enjoy the ham.

Hard On! 99: The One with Tom Hanks

You feel that? We’re so close to episode 100 that you can taste it. In this episode Shawn and Jay try to tell the difference between real and fake news, Shawn’s sickness, Tom Hanks movies, and try to figure out what’s going on with Bill Cosby. We also have an all new Craigslist Ad of the Week and Clown News!

Hard On! 98: Nifty Indy & Slammin’ Bama

In this episode the guys discuss Shawn’s business travels, flying vs taking a train, the horrors of water parks. We also have Jay’s Golden Locks, The Craigslist Ad of the Week, and an all new Clown News!


Hard On! 97: The One We’re Going to Hell for

In this episode Shawn and Adam get a little closer, Ray Romano meets Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the guys THROW DOWN against The NTPoS Podcast! All that and more on Hard On! 97.

Be sure to check out Death Before Discomfort! Available now at www.reelhouse.org