Hard On! 103: Under New Management

In this episode, the gangs all here as Chris joins Shawn, Adam, and Jay to talk about how to interact with children, dealing with dog ownership, and of course they touch on Trump. All that and more as well as an all new Craigslist Ad of The Week!

Hard On! 102: Tears of a Biden

In this episode Shawn and Jay talk about missing Joe Biden, Eddie Griffin crashing an Enzo a few years ago, and watch YouTube videos that you know you can’t see them watching. There’s also have a Craigslist Ad of the Week and we bring back Jay’s Golden Locks and the Three Picks.

Hard On! 101: Report Wade

We’re back from our holiday hiatus and we’re on the PUSH to 200. Ok, don’t worry, we’re not going to mention the push every episode… well maybe. We’ll see how it things pan out. In this episode Chris sits down with the guys and we pick up right where we left off! We report a YouTube account, talk about rodeo clowns, and comment on Rogue One. SPOILERS!