Hard On! 33: Super AIDS and Super Mario

In this episode the guys sit down with the creators of the video game web series, Life Bar, Tyler Little and Michaela Goodell! Listen as they get nostalgic about video games, discuss the on going controversy of #gamergate and of course Super AIDS. Strap yourself in, sucka!

Hard On! 32: Aches on a Plane

Hey, kids! This has been the longest stretch we’ve gone without an episode in two years but guess what! We’re back and better than ever! In this episode the guys talk about Shawn’s wedding and Adam’s impromptu trip to LA. They also discuss riding on airplanes, crowd funding and did I mention Shawn’s wedding? So please fasten your seat belts and be sure your tray tables are up and seats back in the full upright position and get ready for Hard On! 32: Aches on a Plan!

Hard On! 31: Off the Wife Beaten Path

Ok ok ok…. Ya, it’s been a while but don’t worry, we’re still here! In this episode the guys touch on the Ray Rice incident and ensuing controversy. The Fappening. Also, Jay and Shawn tell Adam about how a wonderful night at a Yankee game turned in to something awful. Listen now! It’s Hard On! 31: Off the Wife Beaten Path!

Hard On! 30: Society and Dead Poets

Holy shit, guys. It’s episode 30!!!!

…Ok, enough of that. In this episode the guys realize that there really isn’t much to celebrate right now. Lend us your ear as the guys (and Jay) discuss the passing of film legend Robin Williams, the trouble in Ferguson, and the tragic death of Kevin Ward Jr. involving NASCAR driver, Tony Stewart.

Hard On! 29: It’s Time to Cruise

Help Shawn and Adam welcome their friend and star of Death Before Discomfort, Jesse Lawrence, to the podcast. In this episode the guys chat about the movie, GPS units, getting harassed at NFL games, getting punched in the face and Jesse plays some of his original music for the guys! All this and more on Hard On! 29: It’s Time to Cruise!

Find more of Jesse’s music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ov51917zMMo&list=PLAE1BFCDEA8EBDADA

Hard On! 28: Turtlenecks & Whine

AAAAWWWWWWWWWW YEEEEEAAAAAAAAH! It’s been a long time coming, gang. Finally, the writer/director of Death Before Discomfort, Jay Leonard joins the guys for a little chat about the movie. Former guest of the show and one of the stars of the film, Jeff Raiano also joins them! Be sure to check out Death Before Discomfort on Facebook (facebook.com/DiscomfortMovie) and Twitter (@DBDMovie)

Hard On! 27: The Hitchhikers Guide to Podcasting

Hey, gang! The guys are back and here to stay for a while. After a bit of a hiatus Shawn and Adam are back with a new episode. In this episode the guys give some brotherly advice, discuss the ongoing battle between movies and television and a couple ladies the guys find attractive. Also, Adam picks up a hitchhiker and records their conversation and lives to tell the tale! Time to jump head first into Hard On! 27: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Podcasting!

Hard On! 26: It’s Like We’re Almost Too Good at Podcasting

Hey, gang! Your favorite duo is back with the latest from Hard On! In this episode the guys tackle classic gaming, retro snacking, light saber colors and Adam’s family tree. We also discover just how good Adam is at sex and the results may surprise you. All that and (as usual) more on Hard On! 26: We’re Almost Too Good at Podcasting!

Hard On! 25: Chris is Love, Chris is Life

The guys have their first back to back guest and invite Chris Giglio back to the show! In this episode the guys touch on buffets, 7ft ninjas, watching kids’ movies and the Fellowship of Shrek. They also revisit Liquid Lapdance! If you’re not cracking up in the first ten minutes then you have NO SOUL! It’s Hard On! Episode 25!

Hard On! 24: Pull You Balls Up

In this episode the guys welcome Chris Giglio to the podcast! They sit down to have a drink or two and discuss riding the train, fried pickles, Bill Murray, Subway, an evil clown that’s terrorizing Staten Island, and whether or not they would have sex with a tranny. They also find out which gay sex position they are. How does that not sound like an amazing time? All that (AND MORE!) in the latest from Hard On!