Hard On! 20: Ugggghhhhh

The good news? It’s episode 20! The bad news? Shawn’s sick and Adam kicks things off with some bad news… Ok, we’ll get passed that. In this episode the guys discuss North Korean basketball, a crazy week in Florida, movies the guys love but know are terrible… and MORE!!!!!! Strap in, bitches, it’s episode 20!

Hard On! 19: Paranormal Jacktivity

Our second episode coming from the Trench Mouth Safe House, it’s episode 19: “Paranormal Jacktivity”. In this episode the guys discuss their deadpan demeanor, finders keepers, unexplainable memories,and shitty apartments. GET SOOOOOOME!!!!!

Hard On! Episode 18

It’s Hard On Podcast from our new home at Trenchmouth Productions Head Quarters in Amsterdam, NY! In this episode the guys admire their mustaches, figure out whether or not they’re ass-holes, offensive Halloween costumes, and would you give a testicle to be a member of a fraternity? All that AND MORE in Hard On Episode 18!

Hard On! Episode 16

SPOILERS! …so deal with it. It’s the latest from Hard On! and the guys get hard on the series finale of probably one of the greatest shows of all time, Breaking Bad. The guys met up with Adam’s friend Jeremy Stanzel to watch and talk about the final episode. They discuss the events leading up to the finale before they watch the episode and then after a brief intermission they return to tell us what they thought of the show’s conclusion. OK! Let’s get to it. It’s Hard On Episode 16, BITCH!460--512x512+142+0_8817705

Hard On! Episode 15

On location from Pure Ink Fury in Rotterdam, NY! The guys sit down with Tattoo Artist, Jeff Raiano to talk about the business and art of tattooing. They also hit on movies, art and a special event coming up for the shop! Check this shit out! It’s the latest from Hard On!


Hard On! Episode 14

Another episode from the beautiful Adirondacks! The guys met up at Adam’s house for this one and discuss Adam’s fear of blindness, a restaurant with crazy rules, Breaking Bad and Blurred Lines. It’s episode 14 and we’re bringing you just the right amount of swag.

Hard On! Episode 13

GUESTS! GUESTS! GUESTS! In this episode the guys are joined by Singer/Songwriter Eden Neville and Lead singer of the band Uncle Joel’s Comb, Alex Koste! The gang talks about internet fame, “bad” rap music, and the ‘c’ word gets thrown around pretty loosely. Enjoy the ride, It’s Hard On! Episode 13!

Hard On! Episode 12 Part 2

Um…did you listen to part 1? Ya, you might want to go back and do that first. If you have listened to part 1, then welcome to Hard On! Episode 12 Part 2! Enjoy the free buffet!

…btw there’s no buffet. Anyway, in this half of episode 12 the guys get to the top 250 movies on EMPIREONLINE.COM’s “The 500 Greatest Movies of All Time” list. There’s laughter, there’s tears and a preview of Episode 13! So sit back and fill up on Episode 12 Part 2!