Hard On! Episode 4

If you’re reading this then apparently the world did not end. Now you can celebrate by listening to the newest episode of Hard On! In this episode the guys discuss the lack of an Apocalypse, how video game characters carry so many weapons at once and the pros and cons of the holiday season.

Hard On! Episode 3

Episode three shows us why Hard On! is the podcast that’s not about length but how you use it. This is without a doubt the sexiest episode to date. The guys dip into their personal porn histories and explain the importance of well thought out facial hair. Here we go, Hard On! episode three!

Hard On! Episode 2

Here we go. Episode 2! …and you said we wouldn’t make it. Hear the guys talk about the thought of new Star Wars films, we revisit YOLO, Shawn drops a ‘C’ bomb and hear about the older women that the guy say could “get it”. All that and more in Hard On! Episode 2.

Hard On! Episode 1 Part 2

Welcome back. In case you don’t remember, we ended part one of episode one with Shawn’s neighbor, comedian Rich Williams, coming over and joining in on the podcast. We left off on a bit of a cliff hanger (Rich asking the guys a rather awkward question). Well, we’re going to pick up from where we left off. Enjoy Hard On! Episode 1 Part 2.

Hard On! Episode 1 Part 1

If you’re here it’s probably because Shawn or Adam asked (begged) you to listen. If you’re here under your own free will then what the hell is wrong with you?; The audio is terrible. There is no clear-cut direction and now that you mention it, who the hell are these guys? With that said, here’s HARD ON! Episode 1.