Hard On! 113: Derailment

In this episode Shawn and Jay talk about their troubles with Amtrak, Shaq thinking the Earth is flat, the “so-called” Fresh Prince reunion, and how to handle losing your hair. Not to mention just a whole bunch of other stuff. Can you believe there’s 113 of these things?

Hard On! 112: The Best Little Whorehouse in Brooklyn

In this episode Shawn heads down to Brooklyn to hang out with some college friends. They discuss how they all met, the unsettling history of the apartment they’re recording in, and there’s a round of everyone’s favorite game, The Fuck You Say!?

Hard On! 110: Kids Seats Are Just Five Bucks

In this episode Shawn and Jay talk about lunch-meat, walking out of movies, Biggie and Tupac, and give themselves a history listen. We also have the Craigslist Ad of the Week and an all new Clown News. You pay for the whole seat but you’ll only need the edge!